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Europe Tour Services


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I am a self-employed freelance driver based in Orléans (France), close to Paris.

For 10 years I have been promoting independent rock concerts in France and now I’ve decided to rent my van and to drive rock bands in Europe.

I propose to rent my van and the gear at a good price.
I have 2 vans, one for 6 people and one bigger for 9 people.

So far, I have not planned any europe tour for 2020 so I am available.

I have worked with american bands like Cheer-accident, Free Salamander Exhibit, Las Robertas, Animal lovers, …

I’ve worked with japanese (Bombori), canadians (The hazytones), Polish (Tatvamasi) and obviously with french bands (Nesseria, Max Livio, Anita Farmine,…).

I am flexible and passionate in my work. It is natural for me to drive long distances in a short time so as to not be late.

I can also get involved in the tour as tour manager, backliner or merch man.

I remain at your disposal for any further information.