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Info for Business Owners

Do you rent vans, sleeper busses or backline? Are you a driver, sound engineer, tour manager etc.? Do you produce merchandise? Then your service should be listed on Band-Vans.net.

Band-Vans.net is a worldwide directory for tour related services. It’s the # 1 place for artists, their agents and managers to find the right partners easily and quickly and a great marketing opportunity for all tour related businesses.

Band-Vans.net promotes your business in the most efficient way. Get your offer in front of your ideal customers.

There is no commission fee! The customers deal with you directly.

Your free business entry includes:

your own business page on Band-Vans.net with your business tagline and your location on a map

a contact form, so that customers can contact you directly

the possibility to add pictures, videos and links to your social media pages

the possibility to choose an image that highlights your entry in the search results and draws the attention of the users to your service

a high quality link to your website to boost your Google ranking

your own user dashboard where you can add details to your business entry or book ad campaigns to attract the attention of customers.