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FAQ (Business Owners)

How can I present my business in the best possible way?

Add a good description and nice pictures, FAQ/info, videos etc. to your listing.

You can also book ad campaigns to attract more clients.

Why do I still have to verify my listing after adding it?

Adding a business entry and verifying it are two different processes. Anyone can add a business, but only the rightful owner can verify it. A verified business can only be edited by its owner.

After verifying your listing will get a “Verified” badge, your dashboard will be upgraded from the basic visitor dashboard to the business owner dashboard and you will have your own contact form, so that customers can contact you directly.

Can I add my services if I rent vehicles not explicitly made for bands?

Yes. As long as artists can use the vehicles, you can present your company here. If your vehicles don’t have a separate storage space for a backline, please select the category “small van”.

What is the recommended size for the pictures on my listing page?

Make sure that you have small file sizes, for example 72 dpi; ca. 600 pixels wide x 400 pixels high (best use the “Save For Web” function in your image editing software). You can add up to 3 pictures to your business entry (maximum total size 1 MB).

My website is not in English – can my company still be listed on Band-Vans.net?

Yes. You can add listings in every language. If you’re marketing toward international customers, I recommend having listings in English or bilingual.

How can I pay for ads?

You can find all info about payment options and taxes under “Attract more customers“.

How can I cancel my account?

If you wish to cancel your account, please contact me and your user account will be deleted as soon as possible. Deleting your account doesn’t mean that your listing is deleted. If you wish to delete your business entry, you can do so from your user dashboard, or you can contact me.