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Turbo Booking is an European tour booking agency based in Cologne, Germany. I rent out simply equipped Mercedes Sprinter tour vans with 8 or 9 seats and storage space for equipment. The best solution for bands on a tight budget.


I Tour Vans

- Mercedes Sprinter
- Long version
- Robbie and Rudy: high roof
- Robbie: 9 seats, Rudy: 8 seats
- Fuel: Diesel
- Consumption: ca. 8-10 l/100 km
- Manual transmission
- Location: Cologne, Germany. Delivery or pick-up from other locations is possible.
Collection and return times by arrangement during the period from 9 am to 8 pm.
The best solution for bands on a tight budget. Simply equipped to keep rental costs low.

I Rental conditions

- Advance payment of full rental fee plus deposit is required.
- Full driving licence required (not provisional). The minimum age is 21. You need to be experienced with manual transmission!
- A membership in an automobile club of at least one driver. If you tour outside Germany, your membership should include roadside assistance in Europe. (As a non-German resident you still can apply for a membership in these clubs: ADAC, VCD etc.

I Standard Eqipment

- Navigation device with full Europe maps
- Manual transmission
- Tinted windows
- Separated backline department
- Robbie: Air conditioning, leatherette seats
-Steering wheel lock
- Robbie + Rosie: CD-Player (also mp3)
- Connection for mp3-player/iPod (3,5 mm jack), USB
- Lighter socket (12 V)

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