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NowhereGear – Touring Backline for Rent


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Affordable high-quality backline and gear rental services for touring bands in Europe.


I So what's the deal? What kind of backline do you have for rent?

We have 2 JCM900's (one SL-X and one Hi-Gain) 100W Amplifier heads.
2 matching JCM900 4x12 speaker cabinets.
1 Marshall MB Series B450H with a matching speaker cabinet.
Speaker cables and power cables included.
Pearl Decade 3 pc. Maple - Satin Brown Burst with hardware.
(bring your own snare, kick drum pedal, and cymbals.)

I Can I get more info on the backline?

Of course. Just email me and I will send you a list!

I Do you speak English? Czech? Slovak? Spanish? German?

Yes. Jo. Áno. Si. Natürlich.

I Where is the backline located?

In Dülmen, Germany - near Münster.