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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Band-Vans.net?

Band-Vans.net is a worldwide directory for splitter vans, sleeper busses, backline, crew and band merchandise. It’s the # 1 place for artists and managers to find the right tour service(s) easily and quickly.

Can I book tour services directly on Band-Vans.net?

No. Band-Vans.net lists service providers so that you have an overview and can find everything you need in one place. You communicate directly with the service providers.

How can I contact service providers?

All service providers have a contact form directly on their listing page.

What types of services can you find on Band-Vans.net?

On Band-Vans.net, you can find tour related services like vehicles and gear rentals, drivers, sound engineers, tour managers, and merchandising companies.

Tour Van:

Also known as splitter san, splitter tour bus, or splitter bus, these are specially converted vehicles for bands on tour. A partition usually separates the front and passenger seats from the storage space for the equipment in the back. They usually have tinted windows and can contain beds.

Sleeper Bus:

Full-sized coaches known as sleeper coaches, nightliners, or entertainer coaches can be used to transport bands and crew, usually with bunk beds, luxurious equipment, and tinted windows.

Small Van:

Vans that can be used for transporting bands, their luggage, and gear. However, they’re not specially converted like splitter vans.


These companies usually rent musical equipment such as amplifiers and speaker cabinets for guitars and bass guitars, drum kits, spare parts, and other technical equipment/instruments.


Drivers, sound and light engineers, tour managers, roadies, stagehands, merch sellers etc.


Services that print artist logos and artworks on t-shirts, badges, stickers, caps, hoodies etc. in large (or small) quantities.

Can I add a tour service provider who is not listed on Band-Vans.net?

Yes. You can sign up and add as many businesses as you like. Thank you for your interest in contributing to Band-Vans.net!

If you would like to add your own or someone else’s business, please read the manual.