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What is Band-Vans.net?

Band-Vans.net is a worldwide directory for splitter vans, sleeper busses, backline, crew and band merchandise. It’s the # 1 place for artists, their agents and managers to find the right tour services easily and quickly.

If you are a tour service provider, you can present your business in the best possible way and attract more customers. Check out our example listing. The prices for premium features and ads are kept low so that also small businesses can afford them.

All artists have different desires and needs. We created Band-Vans.net to bring the right people together so that there is more time for the fun part of touring.

Band-Vans.net doesn’t take any provision for the mediation of tour services because customers directly get their offers from the service providers.

Find out more about how Band-Vans.net works here.

Who is behind it?

Having worked in the touring business as booking agent, tour manager and tour service provider for many years, I know how hard it can be to find the right partners, especially if you tour overseas.

I often get asked by artists, booking agents and artist managers to recommend van and backline rentals, drivers, sound engineers or merchandise companies. I discovered that a directory was needed where you can find all types of services in one place.

– Mary

Blog Author Info

Mary Keiser is the founder of Band-Vans.net. Since 2011 she runs the booking agency “Turbo Booking” for rock and indie artists. Before that, she worked as an author and editor for various German magazines and publishing companies like Schnitt, Szene Hamburg, Carlsen etc.

Band loading tour van

Artists, their managers and booking agents will be connected to the right tour service providers.

Amplifiers for bands

Tour service providers can promote their business and find the right customers.

Mary Keiser