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How to add a business

2. Add a business

You can add a listing in any language. An English or bilingual text is an advantage, if you would like to reach international customers. On Fiverr you can get a professional translation at good prices.

1.  Click “Login” at the top of the page. If you don’t already have a Band-Vans.net account, sign up. You will be asked to provide user name, email address and password.

2.  While logged in, you have access to your own user dashboard. Under “My Profile” you can add your invoice details before you choose the Premium Plan or book an ad campaign. In this section you can also change your password.

3.  Click “+ Add Business” here or at the top of the page.

Add Listing

4.  Select a price plan and continue. Keep in mind that with the Premium Plan, you can add more info, pictures, etc. along with your own detailed contact form on your listing page.

5.  Provide the details of your business listing. To present your service in the best possible way, provide as many details as possible. (Fields marked with * are required.)

Services you can present on Band-Vans.net

On Band-Vans.net, you can present tour related services like vehicles and gear rentals, drivers, sound engineers, tour managers, and merchandising companies.

×  Tour Van
Also known as Splitter Van, Splitter Tour Bus, or Splitter Bus, these are specially converted vehicles for bands on tour. A partition usually separates the passenger seats from the storage space for the equipment in the back. They usually have tinted windows and can contain beds.

×  Sleeper Bus
Full-sized coaches known as Sleeper Coaches, Nightliners, or Entertainer Coaches used to transport bands and crew. They usually have bunk beds, luxurious equipment and tinted windows.

×  Small Van
Vans used for transporting bands, their luggage, and gear. However, they’re not specially converted like splitter vans.

×  Crew
Drivers, sound and light engineers, tour managers, roadies, stagehands, merch sellers etc.

×  Backline
Companies which rent out musical equipment such as amplifiers and speaker cabinets for guitars and bass guitars, drum kits, spare parts, and other technical equipment/instruments.

×  Merchandise
Services that print artist logos and artworks on t-shirts, badges, stickers, caps, hoodies etc. in large quantities.

Multiple categories

It’s possible to choose more than one category for your business, if you provide the services yourselves. Please don’t select a category if your partner(s) provide the service. For example, only select the category “backline”, if you own a backline which you rent.

Multiple locations

It’s possible to choose more than one location for your business, provided that you have official rental stations in these areas. This does not apply to areas/locations that you deliver to – you must have an official station present.


Customers can combine multiple features to narrow the search results.

Depending of your business categories, you can add the following features to your listing:

×  Communication in English possible

×  Low-budget

×  Luxury equipment

×  Merchandising

×  Tour service available

×  Trailer available

×  Vans with automatic transmission available

×  Vehicles with beds available


Important! Please only select features as additional services if you offer the service yourself. For example, you may select the feature “tour service available”, if you accompany the artists on tour yourself or if you directly employ drivers, tour managers or other crew members. Please, don’t select a feature if your partners provide the service. There’s a good chance that your partners who provide the service are also on Band-Vans.net.

With the Premium Plan you can add pictures to your business entry. Make sure that you have small file sizes (72 dpi and ca. 600 pixels wide x 400 pixels high), otherwise they will not load properly. Please don’t upload more than 3 pictures.

You can additionally choose a featured image that highlights your entry in the search results and draws the attention of the users to your service.

6.  Your new listing will not appear in the search results until the information has been verified by Band-Vans.net. Once it is is approved you will receive an email.

ATTENTION! After adding your business (also with the Premium Plan), you still have to claim it! The contact form will only show on claimed business entries.

4. Your own user dashboard

After your registration you will have access to your own user dashboard, which gives you an overview of your listings, invoices and ad campaigns. You can change your password and add your user details under “My Profile”, edit your listings, change price plans and highlight your business entry with ads.

If you would like to book the Premium Plan or adverts, please fill in all your details under “My Profile” as the same details will appear on your invoices.

user dashboard

ATTENTION! The details you provide under “My Profile” are not the same details which will appear on your business entry page! Under “My Profile” you provide details for your invoices (if you choose the Premium Plan or pay for advertisement. Click + Add Business to provide the details for your business entry.

4. Claim your listed business

It is likely that your tour service is already listed. Anyone can list a business on Band-Vans.net. If you find your business on Band-Vans.net, you can claim it.

Claiming a business means verifying that you’re the owner of the business and authorized to maintain its presence on the web. Afterwards you can edit and upgrade your listing or book ad campaigns from your own user dashboard.

1.  After logging in, click “Claim now” on the right-hand side of your business page. (If there is no option to claim the page it may have already been claimed by someone else or the listing may be recently submitted and approval is pending.)


2.  Fill in the additional details in the pop-up window for the verification. The best way to verify your ownership is to use the email connected to your business domain. Please reply to the email to confirm your ownership.

Claim now

3.  After your ownership has been verified, you will receive a confirmation email. Your listing will get a “Claimed” badge and your dashboard will be upgraded from the basic visitor dashboard to the business owner dashboard. (The verification can take a few days due to the manual review process.)

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