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Business Owner’s Guide

Why should your company be listed on Band-Vans.net?


Band-Vans.net is a worldwide directory for tour related services. It’s the # 1 place for artists and managers to find the right partners easily and quickly and a great marketing opportunity for all tour related businesses.

Do you rent vans or backline? Are you a driver, sound engineer, tour manager etc.? Do you produce merchandise? Then you should be listed on Band-Vans.net.

  • Customers from all over the world can find and hire you easily.
  • The customers deal with you directly. Band-Vans.net doesn’t take a commission fee.
  • Band-Vans.net is optimized for search engines with the possibility of promoting your business in the most efficient way.
  • You get a FREE, high-quality link to your website, which helps your service to be found in search engine results by your potential customers.


Below you can see how adding, claiming, optimising and promoting your listing on Band-Vans.net works.

Free and paid options


Your basic listing is free! With the Premium Plan you get lots of advantages for a little fee.

Premium Plan

You can book the Premium Plan for three months or for an entire year; see pricing options here. The prices are kept low so that also small businesses can afford them.

Included in the premium plan:

  • High quality relevant links to your website to boost your Google ranking
  • Your location on a map
  • Your business tagline
  • Your social media links
  • Your promotional videos
  • You can add pictures of your vehicles or other services on your listing page and select a featured image that will show in the listings overview; this featured image will draw attention from the users when they search for a service.
  • You will have a detailed contact form on your listing site where customers can contact you directly. See the example listing here.
  • After you’ve claimed your listing, you will be able to access to your own user dashboard where you can add details to your listing, update your listing, or book ad campaigns to attract the attention of customers. Find more info about advertising here.

Basic Plan

Included in the free plan:

  • High quality relevant links to your website to boost your Google ranking
  • Your location on a map
  • Your business tagline
  • Your social media links
  • After you’ve claimed your listing, you will be able to access to your own user dashboard where you can book ad campaigns to attract the attention of customers. You can also change your price plan and update your listing with pictures, videos, additional info etc. Find more info about advertising here.
user dashboard

How to list your business


Below you can see how adding and claiming your listing on Band-Vans.net works.

You can add a listing in any language. To reach international customers it is recommend having your listing in English. With that, we offer translations – please contact me for a quote.

1. Join Band-Vans.net

In order to manage a listing, you will need to set up an account. To do this, simply click on the “login” link at the top right hand corner of the page and sign up. During registration, you will be asked to provide a user name, a password and an email address. With that you will have access to your own user dashboard.

You can add your details and change your password under “My Profile”. If you would like to book the Premium Plan or Ads, please fill in all your details. The same details will appear on your invoices.

2. Search for your tour service

It is likely that your tour service is already listed. Anyone can list a business on Band-Vans.net. Please search for your business to make sure that it is not listed twice.

Type in the name of your company in the field below and hit enter: 

Try a few different spellings in case your company name has been added incorrectly. You can also select your region and see if your business is listed.

If you find your business on Band-Vans.net, you can claim it.

3. Claim your listed business

Claiming a listing verifies that you’re the owner of a valid business and are authorized to maintain its presence on the web. A claimed business can only be edited by it’s owner.

  • After registering your new account, click the “Claim” button on the right-hand side of your listing page.
  • Fill in the additional details in the pop-up window for the verification. (If there is no option to claim the page it may have already been claimed by someone else or the listing may be recently submitted and pending approval.)
Claim Now Pop-up Window
  • You can only claim a listing while you are logged in.
  • The best way to verify your ownership is to use the email connected to your business domain. Please reply to the email to confirm your ownership.
  • After your ownership has been verified, you will receive a confirmation email, your listing will receive a “Claimed” badge and your dashboard will be upgraded from the basic visitor dashboard to the business owner dashboard. (The verification can take a few days due to the manual review process.)
Listed on Band-Vans.net

If your business isn’t already listed, you can add a new listing easily. 

… or add a new listing first

  • Click “+ Add Business” here or the button at the top of the page.
Add Listing
  • Select your price plan and continue. Keep in mind that with the Premium Plan, you can add more info, pictures, etc. along with your own detailed contact form on your listing page.
  • Provide your business details. To present your service in the best possible way, fill in the form with as many details as possible. (Fields marked with * are required.)
  • You can change your password after your first login by clicking “Update Profile”.
  • Your new listing will not appear in the search results until the information has been verified by Band-Vans.net. Once it is is approved you will receive an email.

ATTENTION! After adding a listing of your own business (free and paid), you still have to claim it! The contact form will only show on claimed listings.

Edit your listing


  • Once you are logged in, you have access to your own user dashboard which gives you an overview of your listings, invoices, and ad campaigns. You can edit your listings, change price plans and buy ads.
  • When you edit your listing be sure to add as many details about your service as possible.

With the Premium Plan you can upload images to your listing. Just make sure that you have small file sizes (72 dpi; ca. 600 pixels wide x 400 pixels high) otherwise they will not load properly. Please don’t upload more than 5 pictures.

user dashboard

Service(s) you can present on Band-Vans.net

On Band-Vans.net, you can present tour related services like vehicles and gear rentals, drivers, sound engineers, tour managers, and merchandising companies.

  • Tour Van
    Also known as Splitter Van, Splitter Tour Bus, or Splitter Bus, these are specially converted vehicles for bands on tour. A partition usually separates the front and passenger seats from the storage space for the equipment in the back. They usually have tinted windows and can contain beds.
  • Sleeper Bus
    Full-sized coaches known as Sleeper Coaches, Nightliners, or Entertainer Coaches can be used to transport bands and crew, usually with bunk beds, luxurious equipment, and tinted windows.
  • Small Van
    Vans can be used for transporting bands, their luggage, and gear. However, they’re not specially converted like splitter vans.
  • Crew
    Drivers, sound and light engineers, tour managers, roadies, stagehands, merch sellers etc.
  • Backline
    These companies usually rent musical equipment such as amplifiers and speaker cabinets for guitars and bass guitars, drum kits, spare parts, and other technical equipment/instruments.
  • Merchandise
    Services that print artist logos and artworks on t-shirts, badges, stickers, caps, hoodies etc. in large (or small) quantities.

Multiple categories

It’s possible to choose more than one category for your business, if you provide the services yourselves. Please don’t select a category if your partner(s) provide the service. For example, only select the category “backline”, if you have a backline which you rent.

Multiple locations

It’s possible to choose more than one location for your business, provided that you have official rental stations in these areas. This does not apply to areas/locations that you deliver to – you must have an official station present.


Customers can combine multiple features to narrow the search results. You can add the following features to your listing:

  • Communication in English
  • Low-budget
  • Luxury equipment
  • Merchandising
  • Tour service available
  • Trailer available
  • Vans with automatic transmission available
  • Vehicles with beds available


Important! Please only select features as additional services if you offer the service yourself. For example, you may select the feature “tour service available”, if you accompany the artists on tour yourself or if you directly employ drivers, tour managers, or other crew members. Please, don’t select a feature if your partners provide the service. Likewise, there’s a good chance that your partners who provide the service are also on Band-Vans.net, if not, feel free to invite them.


Payment options


Band-Vans.net currently accepts payment through:


The Band-Vans.net bank account details will be shown during the checkout process. After the money has been received, you will be informed about the activation of your listing by e-mail.

Credit card

If you would like to pay per credit card, please select 2Checkout or Stripe as Payment Method. Here you can find out, which currencies and credit cards are accepted: https://www.2checkout.com/global-payments

You don’t need a Stripe or a 2Checkout account for this. You simply need a debit or credit card in order to pay.

Manual bank transfer

The Band-Vans.net bank account details will be shown during the checkout process. After the money has been received, you will be informed about the activation of your listing by e-mail.

For cross-border wire transfers, you as the sender and customer have to pay possible bank fees. Most international wire transfers are done via the SWIFT network, and this network offers the payer three different expense regulation methods, which are called OUR, SHA and BEN. Please select OUR as the expense regulation.

Pay for Premium Plan

Highlight your business listing


Band-Vans.net is the #1 website for tour services and a great marketing opportunity for all tour related businesses. Get your offer in front of your ideal customers.

You can advertise your listing at different locations throughout the website. Just select one or more advertising options and the desired duration from your user dashboard under “Ad Campaigns”.

You wil get notified when your ad campaign is about to expire. Then you can extend the advertising period.


Your listing will appear randomly on the home page under „Recommended Companies“ and in the sidebar of the blog.

Top of Search

Your listing will appear on top of the search results (location and category related).

Listing Sidebar

Your listing will appear in the sidebar of other listings.

Tax info for business customers based in Germany: The value-added tax (19 %) is included in the final price.

Tax info for business customers based outside of Germany in the European Union and Switzerland: The reverse charge mechanism applies. Recipient is liable for VAT under the reverse charge mechanism in accordance with Article 196 of EU Directive 2006/112 / EC.

Tax info for business customers based outside of the European Union: Supply of services are non-taxable in Germany.

Frequently asked questions


How can I present my business in the best possible way?

There are many possibilities to highlight your business on Band-Vans.net.

  • With the Premium Plan, you can add a featured image, extra info, pictures, videos, and a detailed contact form to your listing page.
  • With a (free) claimed business, you can still book ad campaigns to attract more clients. Find more info about advertising here.

Why do I still have to claim my listing after adding it and paying for the Premium Plan?

Adding a listing and claiming a listing it are two different processes. Anyone can add a listing, but ony the rightful business owner can claim it. A claimed business can only be edited by it’s owner.

Can I add my services if I rent vehicles not explicitly made for bands?

Yes. As long as artists can still use the vehicles, you can present your company here. If you don’t have a separate storage space for a full backline, please select the category “small van”.

Do I need to have web design experience to list my business?

No, only basic knowledge in the use of computers and internet is needed to edit your listing. The form is easy-to-use. If you have any questions, please contact me.

My website is not in English – can my company still be listed on Band-Vans.net?

Yes. You can add listings in every language. However, if you’re marketing toward international customers, we recommend having listings in English.

With that, we offer translations – please contact me for a quote.

How can I cancel my account?

If you wish to cancel your account, please contact me and your user account will be deleted as soon as possible. Deleting your account doesn’t mean that your listing is deleted, so, let us know if you would like us to delete your listing(s). If you wish to delete your listing(s), you can do so from your user dashboard.

Is there a Band-Vans.net app?

Band-Vans.net works perfectly on your mobile device. For quicker access on an Android phone you can add an app icon to your homescreen when loading the page for the first time.